“I thought the instruction was insightful and gracious, respectful and am thankful for having Amy as my host, guide and leader.” –CM

“I really enjoyed it and found it meaningful.  Thank you!” –Anonymous

“This eight week MBSR program was an outstanding experience.  Amy is an incredible instructor.  Personable, gracious and very knowledgeable about meditation practice.  The handouts, poems, CDs and music she utilized were helpful in learning about the various styles of meditation.  I also appreciated her relating her personal experience of using meditation, how it has helped her, giving context to the process of learning the practice and also encouragement that it can/does work. I will highly recommend to friends and acquaintances.” –MP

“I really enjoyed the selected poems and stories.  The overall flow of each class was great and it felt mindful in and of itself. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, preparation and dedication to this class.” -Anonymous

“Love the poem/insights!” –SB

“This was an excellent program.  I love how it is structured and how it built week to week with new tools in the mindfulness tool set.” –Anonymous